Friday 22 November 2013

Japanese Gum - Homesick

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'Homesick' grabs you and takes you into a world so rich and rewarding you swear you have found the holy grail dipped in Turkish delight. It has Caribou and Four Tet-like hypnotic, childlike, yet consumingly addictive sound-hooks and a Warped-esque sense of playfulness that combine to drill into your cortex and infect your core with 'Homesick''s sheer wonderment. It is like dropping oil onto water, dropping LSD into your mouth and loosing yourself in the world that unfurls in the liquid.

It has grandiose, cathedral-sized synths that embed a sense of the epic into the burning centre of the song, then around that you are gifted dancing tabla drums and wickedly compressed beats, before falling down on its knees with a Wayne Coyne sense of perverse charm and wonder, as 'Homesick' steps on an infinite escalator and takes you into other realms that you had not yet imagined. Japanese Gum are a new find to me, yet they have a wealth of sounds behind them that I am now utterly drawn to seek out. And after a play of 'Homesick' you will too.

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