Thursday 28 November 2013

Morning Smoke - Melancholy

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We have closely been following Morning Smoke over the last few months. Soon they are going to hit us with their first EP and this is the latest track to fall into our hands off it. Quietly I might say it's their best track so far, which is even more impressive if you think how majestic 'In Euphoria' is. With 'Melancholy' there is the real sense of a band truly hitting their stride and sound.

'Melancholy' is all wrapped in a cavernous, cathedral-sized sound. The guitars are as if they have been dipped in gold as they shimmer and flash across, dropping sonic mirror balls. Milo McNulty's vocals have a true sense of depth and strength, combined with a raw freshness that inhabits you and the song. 'Melancholy' builds with epically restrained grandeur, but doesn't loose itself, simply quietly unfurling its sublime power. And all the while there is an incandescent hook that takes you by the hand and sweeps you up into the stratosphere. It dances with you as a glistening guitar coats you in starlight, all of it simply captivates you. With 'Melancholy', Morning Smoke have showed that they could easily stand along The Horrors and Foals as leading the vanguard of post-modern British music. I have had the privileged to hear another track 'Blue Ribbons'. This only cements all that has already been said. Not only can't we wait for the EP, but with tracks such 'Blue Ribbon' waiting to be unleashed, the album will be one of the highlights of 2014.

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  1. Morning Smoke have been nominated to be played on radio 1 but they need votes! Please can you help and forward this to any one else. People have to go to this page and then type morning smoke in the comments box. Thanks John