Saturday 9 November 2013

Texture & Light - The Hard Problem Of Consciousness

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It's not uncommon for a member of an indie band to morph into the world of electronica, turning from the creative challenges of a band room space to the autonomy of self produced work - it is slightly more unusual for the reverse to be true. Trevor Refix was a respected Canadian DJ making all the right noises on all the right dancefloors, until the "Sunday morning comedown" shoegaze, indie playlist of choice he turned to in his downtime became indelibly burned into his bass-thud soul.

And so begins the realisation of his dream project, ably helped by a bunch of musos that help Refix expand his laptop visions into something of more texture and err light. Their collective ethos is simple and covers all bases -  indie music for the dance floor and electronic music for the bedroom. 'A Quiet Place' is by no means that; fuzzy electro with a slight Eurogliders influence? Absolutely! (see what I did there?). 'Jaded Dancefloor Heroes' says "if you shake those hips you can shake those wishes into feelings, when the drugs kick in we can raise our hands to the ceiling" - a clubber sing-along lyric if I ever heard one.

'Let's Go Let Go' works as I adore a layered ending and I too am "nervous" a lot of the time, but '17+ Heather' is the stand-out, a simple love song I wouldn't mind having penned in my honour. Lyrics so unpretentious it’s impossible to poke fun at - and I think that’s precisely the tone on this entire record. It's not that there's no depth, but it's doing away with hipster affectations and just embracing the fact that we are young, we are green, we have teeth nice and clean etc... and we need a fun soundtrack to match.

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