Saturday 2 November 2013

Poeticat - Kind Words Soft Kill/Centre of the Concrete Square

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Using spoken-word and poetry in music can be hit and miss. When it works it's great (Spacemen 3 used similar styles on more than one occasion) but others haven't had so much luck. The other downside is the potential of a short shelf-life. Initially an acoustic project that began back in 2009, London group Poeticat soon discovered new elements to add to their music and are now creating songs that have no real direct comparison. This double A-side single is a prime example, mixing spoken-word and poetry with psychedelia, electronica, indie and various forms of musical innovation, some of which seem unique to them. They say their influences range from opera to metal, and although we hear just the odd hint of those genres here, you can see just how broad their tastes must be.

It's the cosmic 'Kind Words Soft Kill' that teases us into their unusual world, one that doesn't sound as though it belongs on this planet. It's maybe the most poetic, but musically could be compared to the work of Sonic Boom and also the early electronic pioneers. It's weird, wonderful and fabulously modern sounding. It's also much better than you're expecting if you're yet to hear from this unique group. Things change a little for 'Centre of the Concrete Square', a track that incorporates bigger beats and more grinding guitars into its glitchy electronics, and one that sounds, and talks of, much more urban topics that the celestial vibe of the first song. We hear of the importance of bringing up children on council estates so they can become gang members, and use milk crates to race down hills, as well as charity shop clothes and the politics that led to the possible irony of the lyrics. A brilliantly surreal and well-observed proposition.

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