Sunday 3 November 2013

Neon Windbreaker - New Sky

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I haven't slept properly forever now. The wind is howling and the rain is sideways. When finally I think I may just slip into unconsciousness, I hit play on the newest EP by Neon Windbreaker, 'New Sky'. It is like being wired to the mains while amphetamines are injected into your balls, it rearranges your cortex to maniacal, oblivion, taking the last of you and spunking it gloriously, morphing you into some slathering beast that is looking for dance destruction and carnal concussion. 'Jamesbud' electrifies your limbs before spiralling out into a barely controlled chaos of spiked garage hardcore, beating you into submission yet leaving you smiling as you spit out a tooth and ask for more. Its statement of malice is hinged on their declaration of "does it matter?!". Coming on like the bastard cross of Black Flag dancing on the Pistols' bloodied carcass with some incisive proto-grunge riffage, 'Nails' rips you a new one and spits down it.

Sludgier, filthier, 'New Sky' grooves into you leaving tyre tracks across your back, opens up your skull and fiddles with your lobes as you flail like a loon on PCP. 'Pink Suit' was my introduction to Neon Windbreaker''s wonderfully fucked-up world, and its addictive savagery is utterly undiminished in the company here. It still grabs you by the throat and has you screaming like Ripley riding the alien one more time, as Arnie cries in the corner. Then the sheering, blinding, blast noise of napalm that finally wipes you out, leaving only ash, is the closer 'Younger'. This EP will wake you up and have you staring at the ceiling for days, chewing your face off, unless you play it over and over.

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