Thursday 7 November 2013

M+A - These Days

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These guys are fun. Italian duo M+A  made me daydream a scenario wherein Beck had recorded 'Odelay' on Ibiza surrounded by a bunch of adoring girls in bikinis. I'm sure Mr. "loser baby" wouldn't be adverse to that picture. 'These Days' is the follow-up to 2011's 'Things', with an undoubtedly commercial sound that combines hooky dance-pop with the occasionally daggy Mattafix rap and beer-garden bass grooves. 'B Song' has the tinny sound of a Gameboy that made me want to play a little Tetris, while 'Down The West Side' moves back into some Italo-house territory.

'Freetown Solo' deserves to be blasted in one of those fashion stores that subscribe to the fast, loud get-'em-in-and-out school of marketing. 'Game' is a reflective affair that takes us to that point of the afternoon when you're not sure whether to kick on or call it a day. Recently I've heard of the genre "yacht rock" via former Wu Lyf members who did this with aplomb with smooth experimental outfit Los Porcus. While the aforementioned are making me dance below deck with my other jaded Gen X mates, M+A would be starboard with their radio friendly version, making sure the Gen Y clubbers are still entertained in the daytime.

The press kit says  "It's a perfect distillation of a yearning for endless summer", which is true if you weren't a cranky 30-something with two kids, unlikely to see the deck of a luxury liner in the near future, so maybe I just need to relax. It's jaunty piano, Crystal Waters (god remember them?) earworm synth moments and a huge capacity for good times - as long as they’re not taking themselves too seriously, then nor should you.

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