Thursday 21 November 2013

Stellarscope - March Of The Lonely

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Some bands give it a go and if they don't succeed they dismember to never be heard of again. Philadelphia's Stellarscope could have been just one these bands but it seems they don't back down too easily. This year is their 15th anniversary and what better way to celebrate it than with the release of a new album 'March Of The Lonely'.

With influences spanning from space-rock, shoegaze, punk, classic rock and prog, and creating lovely textured soundscapes, its hard too turn this band away and they deserve hard-earned credit. Its filled with lust-like fuzz and soaked in reverb and delay that gives a cold space chill. 'Island Universe' is a seven-minute journey into what best describes Stellarscope's vision and ongoing love to create music, and why not.

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