Friday 8 November 2013

IYES - 'Til Infinity

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When starting a new record label, there's always the risk of plummeting head first into a bleak and empty hole full of the corpses of former independent labels who have backed the wrong horse and come out of it with empty pockets and even emptier hearts. The choice of your first signing is of optimal importance, it's definitive in representing the quality of who or what you are essentially standing for as a company, so it's not a choice to make lightly. Luckily for upcoming label Duly Noted Records, they've nabbed a right old catch in their launch act; Brighton-based electronic pop duo IYES - who are kicking-off the label with their incredible debut single ''Til Infinity'.

Comprised of Josh Christopher (UK) and singer Melis Soyaslanova (Czech Republic), IYES have created a blissfully melodic track in ''Til Infinity', featuring tribal drums, organic hand claps, haunting harmonies and equally ethereal male/female vocals. Dynamic, quirky and electric, when it's not dub, it's synth-infused pop, with huge catchy choruses that resonate without being pushy, anthemic, or generic. Despite not being 100% mainstream, IYES do have a commercial appeal that should continue to intrigue a vast audience without the risk of them becoming quickly overrated, and that’s a rarity we are more than happy to embrace.

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Nov 25 Servant Jazz Quarters, London, United Kingdom

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