Sunday 3 November 2013

Akiine - Frid

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Sometimes music casts images across the inside as your eyelids as you close them and surrender yourself to its wonder. Within seconds of the hypnotic sounds of Akiines' 'Frid' your eyes are closed and your world is no greater than you, headphones and 'Frid''s sublime, elegant beauty. For me those images are of four in the morning, when the streets are empty, bathed in a warm, amber glow, wind catching stray litter, creating a silent waltz of discarded coffee cups.

You are in the cocoon of the car, the streets are yours, the city your wonderland. Then you stop as you see a fox. Stood in the road. It silently looks at you, then serenely floats in the shadows. 'Frid' takes you to these places. It enchants and bewitches you, and all you want is more, so the the journey behind your eyes need never end.

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Catch her live:

THU 07 NOV Rosina Studio, London, UK
TUE 12 NOV Notting Hill Arts Club, London, UK

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