Saturday 23 November 2013

Champions League - Ebiza

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I'm in the middle of a run of night shifts. My world is one of artificial light, either harsh neon, or amber street, breaking up the seemingly endless darkness. Going to work in the dark, coming home in the dark. It's a temporary vampiric-like existence without the leather and cheesy erotic undercurrent. In the hour's twilight that I have before I leave, I follow the link to the consistently sublime and quietly wonderful Champions League and there latest gift 'Ebiza'. In one play my world is sun-drenched, night is lit with fireworks and flames, yet it's warm enough to stay in the lightest of clothes until the sun rises and fills you again.

'Ebiza' is slightly more restrained than earlier tracks such as 'Paris is My Playground', but no less fulfilling or wondrous. Champions League have distilled the timeless classicism of Del Mar euphoria and blended it with notes from The Beloved and the new swathe of acts such as DeadMau5 to give us another entrancing, mesmerising, beguiling slice of perfect sunkissed dance. And it has flooded my world with endless colour instead of the monochrome of night.

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