Friday 20 April 2012

O'Messy Life - Little Vehicles/Space Holiday

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This latest double A-side from Newcastle's O'Messy Life is the fusion of a couple of decades worth of alternative guitar music condensed into a handy travel size package. 'Little Vehicles' begins with the lo-fi slacker fuzz of Pavement, before jumping forward to incorporate some shouty, punchy indie courtesy of Los Campesionos! and the blue-collar rock of The Gaslight Anthem. Then it stops, turns around and heads backwards in time again to borrow a solo from J Mascis or The Pixies. The toned down, drawn out ending also has its roots back in the 1990s.

'Space Holiday' is far from cosmic, its feet firmly planted on terra firma and the earthy, almost folk-tinged punk rock of Titus Andronicus or Springsteen's dynamic rock anthems. It comes complete with a climax involving a ensemble of football terrace vocals. Such an odd and unseemly mix probably has no right to work but in this instance it's greater than the sum of its parts and both tracks have a cohesion that tidily covers over the patchwork of influences. Turns out they're not so messy after all.

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