Wednesday 4 April 2012

Daroc - Destination EP

EP review by KevW

French producer Daroc is something of an enigma. What we do know is that he's based in Paris and his new EP, 'Destination', features four original tracks and three remixes. While the remixes are fluid and sparkly enough, particularly John Lord Fonda's wobbly remake of 'Sea Steria', it's Daroc's own work that's where the money is. 'Destination is a combination of EDM past and present, familiar and new.

'Initial' begins with retro bleeps borrowed from Kraftwerk, adding a metronomic beat that slowly seems to gain pace throughout the song. 'Psychodio' updates Donna Summer's 'I Feel Love', taking Georgio Moroder's production and turning it into a hypnotic piece suited to gazing from the window of a long train journey. 'Escale' takes its inspiration from more ambient artists such as Jean Michel Jarre. Using these giants of electronic music as touchstones for his work not only allows a little of their magic to dust itself over this EP, it means the electronica Daroc creates is both easy to digest and rewarding.

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