Friday 20 April 2012

Band To Check Out: Black Ju Ju

Article by KevW

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It's not clear whether Aylesbury trio Black Ju Ju take their name from the Alice Cooper song of the same name, but they definitely share his love for noisy guitars. However, the red-raw garage-rock blast they generate has more in common with proto-punks such as The Stooges and the MC5 and the throat shredding primal-howl of The Sonics. If you were to nick The Jim Jones Revue's piano, drag them through a hedge backwards, douse them in whiskey and throw them on a stage they'd probably pour out similar sounding discordant mayhem.

Black Ju Ju's songs are 100 miles-an-hour fireballs of energy in the grand tradition of all good dirty rock 'n' roll groups and these three tracks are no holds barred walls of ferocious distortion. It makes them one of the more exciting modern garage bands on the scene. They're currently putting the finishing touches to a few songs in the studio, but we're crossing our fingers that the results aren't too far away from the ragged, scuffed  ferocity that gives these songs such a genuine, vigorous, visceral power. Bring the noise.

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