Tuesday 24 April 2012

60 Second Swingers - Lonely & Blue

Single review by KevW

Launching a record label in the current climate is unlikely to be a wise move financially as - a) the economy is buggered, and - b) nobody bothers buying records anyway. The power of music, as we all know, transcends common sense and it's a testament to this fact that French label Howlin Banana Records have chosen this moment to embark on their maiden voyage as purveyors of that distinctly non-commercial genre: dirty garage-punk. Hats off to them for the passion and integrity of their mission, but what about the music? Well, that's pretty darn good too.

This is only the second release by 60 Second Swingers (the first being back in 2007) and is a sonic blast of sugar-coated distortion, taking the blueprint from 60s stalwarts such as The Sonics, The Monks etc. and giving them a lick of The Cramps' psychobilly and a final coating of Mary Chain fuzz to finish things off. 'Lonely & Blue' is organ heavy, with a great riff and barely distinguishable, howling vocals, while the B-side is a cover of the Little Phil & The Night Shadows' 60s classic from which the band take their name. It's great that there are bands out there with the conviction to make the music they like, and it's heartening to know people are willing to take a leap of faith and get these sounds out to us. Excellent work by all involved.

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