Thursday 26 April 2012

Fever Fever - The Chair

Single review by KevW

This latest single from Norwich art-punk trio Fever Fever is being released on super-limited cassette so if you like what you hear it'll be worth getting a pre-order in pronto to avoid disappointment. And there's every chance you will like it, because 'The Chair' is a gently rumbling monster of a track, the fervent, relentless drumming borrowed from the dark corners of atmospheric metal, and the intense rolling bass is similarly leaden. Rather than turning to murky sludge before our very ears, things are neatly contrasted to convey a broader scope of sound.

The crisp Wire-y guitars lift the song from the mire without detracting from its potency, and the girly, half-spoken vocals are directly from the art-pop world and make for a pleasant flashback to the similarly Wire-inspired, punky Britpop of Elastica, but without quite hitting the same pop level they reached. You could pin a few genres on this: punk, grunge, art-pop, indie, post-punk; and they all naturally overlap which means that 'The Chair' covers a wide spectrum of alternative music and should appeal to anyone who likes a bit of guts with their guitars.

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