Tuesday 17 April 2012

By Toutatis/Dressed Like Wolves - Split EP

EP review by KevW

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The pairing of these two North Eastern proponents of modern folk is a seemly and appropriate match, as both veer towards the baroque end of the acoustic spectrum with neither conforming to a particular set of rules. All the tracks on this split EP share a homespun quality that's relatively untarnished by outside influences, and the addition of various stringed instruments is restrained enough to leave the soul of the songs at the forefront of things. That's not to say that these two groups are so similar as to merge seamlessly together, far from it. Each posses their own distinctive characteristics.

By Toutatis offer up two tracks: 'Dead Men's Cues' has a relatively contemporary feel of the sort you'd expect to come from a hybrid of Hope Of The States and Elbow, organic and earthy but modern all the same. 'Felon's Song' is more traditional and emotive, underpinned by gently droning strings, it's a stirring piece of chamber-folk. Dressed Like Wolves' three tracks fit the mood of the EP but draw different comparisons. 'Warmth' could be a Nick Drake cover whereas both 'Seasons' and 'Monuments (Pt. 2)' call to mind both Turin Brakes and the more ornate acoustics of The Miserable Rich. This EP sounds like a natural coming together of two like-minded talents who appear happy to plough their own chosen furrows; something that anyone with integrity should always do.

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