Monday 30 April 2012

Out This Week - 30th April 2012

Mystery Jets - Someone Purer

Following the pop success of last album 'Serotonin', Mystery Jets set up camp in Texas to record follow-up 'Radlands' which is out this week. The recording location and the cover will tell you this one has a more American feel to it but they're not turning into Fleet Foxes just yet, as the poppy single 'Someone Purer' proves, they've got the balance just right.

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Lower Dens - Candy

Baltimore band Lower Dens offer up their album 'Nootropics' from today, and Jana Hunter and co. have been on the receiving end of many plaudits of late. Their album looks like it could be worthy of the hype with the brooding 'Candy' showing off a strutting beat and slow burning, dark atmospherics, topped off with a dreamy, lilting vocal.

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The Spinto Band - Take It 

Delaware indie veterans The Spinto Band have been quietly releasing wonderful guitar-pop records since the mid 90s without ever really cracking the mainstream. New album 'Shy Pursuit' will do nothing to change that because, thankfully for us, it contains more of what they do best: non-commercial alternative pop with plenty of hooks and a nifty chorus, as heard on 'Take It'.

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Polica - Lay Your Cards Out

We posted a track from Polica a few weeks back and now their album 'Give You The Ghost' gets its full UK release. Consisting of a couple of members of 80s rock-influenced band Gayngs, it's good to see that a different approach has been taken for this album. There's still an 80s vibe but it's a much more savoury mixture of moody synth-pop and effected vocals with some great tunes to boot. Check out 'Lay Your Cards Out'.

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Island Twins - Lying In State

Island Twins call Queens, New York home and it's there that they create their amazing brand of fuzz-pop, mixing lo-fi production and a taste for pleasant distortion with an ear for an amazing melody. With just a couple of singles under their belt so far we're hoping there's plenty more to come and that at least some of it is of the same quality as the utterly superb and highly addictive 'Lying In State'.

Island Twins' website

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