Wednesday 25 April 2012

The Raveonettes - Into The Night EP

EP Review by KevW

2012 marks a decade since Danish scuzz masters The Raveonettes first began releasing records. In that time they've maintained a regular and prolific output (five albums, five EPs, loads of singles) and refused to even think about following trends, instead allowing other bands to take their lead (hello Crocodiles, Dum Dum Girls, The Vandelles and many more). Only once, on major label experiment 'Pretty In Black', did they allow their sound to deviate slightly from their trusted blueprint. Of course this means we generally know what to expect from each release, yet somehow this fails to dampen the effect.

It's remarkable that after so long ploughing the trebley, fuzzy, Buddy Holly meets The Jesus & Mary Chain furrow that they still matter and that every release remains exciting and engaging. 'Into The Night' is co-produced by long time sparring partner and echo-chamber specialist Richard Gottherer, and the title track is pure distorted pop pleasure, packed to the rafters with girl-group melody. The chugging 'Night Comes Out' glistens and twangs its way through familiar dark themes lightened by an uplifting chorus. 'Too Close To Hearbreak' is, once again, everything The Raveonettes have done so well in the past squished into a bite sized electric nugget and 'Bad Ghosts' ticks those boxes yet again. How they continue to make their format sound fresh, vibrant and vital is a secret many would kill for, but whatever the secret is, long may they continue to use it.

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