Thursday 26 April 2012

The DeRellas - Stick It To The Man

Single review by KevW

The DeRellas game plan is to evoke the punk spirit of the 70s, although with a cover that's essentially a kids version of The Ramones iconic crest (each of the band share the fabricated surname DeRella too incidentally) and a title as clich├ęd as 'Stick It To The Man', your pastiche detector is already going haywire. Ignore it, along with any notions of fake Sid Vicious rock 'n' roll posturing that come with it. For these guys are here to make punk fun, dumb and honest with their eyes on the past but their brains realising that this is 2012 and that kind of copycat shtick is unlikely to wash.

Instead they've thrown out a pair of catchy as hell glam-punk stompers that are as much 'Can The Can' as 'Pretty Vacant'. The beat on 'Stick It To The Man' is lifted from 1972 and its riffing and vocal effects are as much The Sweet as The Clash but it's strangely difficult to resist. While not quite the punk/glam hybrid that The New York Dolls were famed for, it's still toe-tappingly likeable. B-side 'Go Go DeRellas' mixes a jagged riff with some Ramones "hey ho!" chanting and is equally fun. The cover and the name make much more sense after listening; this is 70s rock 'n' roll put through a filter of common sense that realises the idea of over-authenticity would lead to ridicule. Instead these two slightly knowing tributes leave you with a smile rather than a groan.

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