Friday 13 April 2012

The Lake Poets - City By The Sea

Single review by KevW

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Sunderland's The Lake Poets are the brainchild of singer-songwriter Martin Longstaff and left their first mark on the world with 2010's eponymous EP, a collection of bare but likeable recordings consisting of little more than a man, an acoustic and a microphone. A decent listen and difficult to criticise but far from extraordinary. Eighteen months on and with just a hint more production, a few helping hands and the use of a studio and we're given 'City By The Sea' as a debut single proper.

This is delightfully undiluted and organic; no bells and whistles and flashy touches, just some harmonica, percussion and a chorus of voices singing a pure and joyous ode to Longstaff's birthplace. It's not half catchy either; breezy and fresh and purpose-built for a unifying sing along; the lyrics are both reflective and celebratory. If we were a city we'd be more than a little bit touched that someone penned something quite so lovely as a tribute to us.

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