Saturday 21 April 2012

I Am In Love - Palm

Single review by KevW

It's a little surprising that genre-straddling Leicester quartet I Am In Love have so far acquired more success in mainland Europe than back here in Blighty. There's already a mini album available on the continent and this new single is being brought to us by German label Velocity Sounds. Despite a fair amount of UK press and radio coverage you get the feeling that I Am In Love should be making a bigger splash than they have up to this point, as their dark but accessible hybrid of post-punk and electro seems tailored to please more left-field British music fans who also have a penchant for decent pop.

'Palm' may well be the single that puts them more firmly on the map, home and away. As multi-purpose music goes, I Am In Love tick many boxes with this one. If you wanna throw some shapes, the energy and beat are enough to nudge you towards the dance floor and the repetitive hook is barbed to ensure it can safely lodge itself in your brain. It's catchy and it's pop, but not the disposable, plastic variety; 'Palm' is darker than that, borrowing from the colder side of 80s electronica; it's also intricate, like Friendly Fires minus the Hawaiian shirts. Spanning so many potential markets is quite a feat and you wouldn't bet against I Am In Love troubling the mainstream before too long.

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