Wednesday 25 April 2012

Soul Circus - Burn The Map/The Consequence Of Youth

Single review by KevW

What was once mainstream is now the underdog. With current trends dictating that big, balls-out indie-rock which would once have sold by the Shed 7 load is now as inherently unfashionable as a Razorlight fancy dress kit (those new press shots aren't getting any better are they?) it's reassuring to know that not everyone has lost faith in good old fashioned British rock and roll. Cutting an epic figure that casts aside snide hipsters one lofty chorus at a time, are Leeds quintet Soul Circus who fly in the face of factory-farmed pop and the hoards of trendy lo-fi guitar botherers.

This double A-side single is traditional to its core, following in the footsteps of the towering Northern indie bands who've gone before them. They have their sights set on a little more than a few years crawling around the toilet circuit; these songs are designed for grander venues. The rotating musical style-carousel will determine whether they reach them, but along with contemporaries such as Union Sound Set and The Ghosts they're heading in the right direction. 'Burn The Map' is no shrinking violet, and while not a classic it definitely shows ambition and is a bold statement. 'The Consequence Of Youth' is cast from the same mould. They have the correct components, but they'll need an extra bit of magic to get them to really stand out and buck the trend.

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