Thursday 19 April 2012

Super Best Friends Club - Yes You Are

Single review by KevW

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As most people who heard the debut EP from London's Super Best Friends Club will attest, they're one of the most intoxicating and unique new bands currently doing the rounds. Adding weight to this argument is the hugely euphoric new single 'Yes You Are' which attacks you with the wide-eyed wonder and joy of Animal Collective on the best drugs in the world, and minus the arty nonsense bits. It crams in as much genuinely breathless happiness as is musically possible in under three minutes.

"You are/the most/amazing/feeling/ever!" they repeat, knocking millions of more elaborate love songs out of their way in one fell swoop. A repetitive piano line drives the song as it swells with overlaying voices and percussion before buggering off in a flash leaving you with the feeling that you've just had the best one night stand ever. If you've ever doubted music's ability to provide emotion then get your listening gear around this. And check out the guy with the brolly in the video, he knows the score. I'll have a pint of whatever they're on please.

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