Wednesday 25 April 2012

She Ripped - Ultra-Social Happy Man

Single review by KevW

Based in Wales, She Ripped have been knocking around on and off for a few years and have a handful of releases under their belt on small local labels. After a brief sabbatical the quartet reunited to record the three tracks for this new 7" single in the glorious summertime rain of Cardiff. The outcome is, perhaps unsurprisingly, not sun-kissed, blissful pop but a rather less evocative mixture of throbbing punk fury and downbeat singing.

This doesn't amount to a trio of dreary dullard guitar bashing songs though, as She Ripped have a conviction and brawn to their sound that's best sampled through the driving power-punk of the lead track with its deadpan vocals and scorching guitar breaks. It's more empowering than uplifting but it's definitely a rousing track. B-sides 'Mind The Gap' and 'And We Know' don't quite have the same spark yet both are a worthy inclusion and sit somewhere between early Idlewild and The Cribs whilst also evoking the spirit of underrated 90s heroes Earl Brutus. All in all it's not a single to be listened to quietly.

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