Saturday, 3 August 2013

When Saints Go Machine - System Of Unlimited Love

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Before we go on, a brief word of warning. The following video depicts semi-naked women pole dancing, and is probably treading a fine line with the YouTube censorship rules. Therefore it's not safe for work ('NSFW') or suitable for viewing with young children around. Right, now that I've ensured the video gets a hell of a lot more views than it normally would do, let's talk about the song and pretend that people didn't stop reading and scroll down the page after the first couple of lines.

'System Of Unlimited Love' is off When Saints Go Machine's recent album 'Infinity Pool', and as with most of the Copenhagen group's work it has received plenty of plaudits from the critics. From a personal point of view, When Saints Go Machine are a band I like rather than am overly excited about (although they have their moments), and this single brings those typical feelings from me. It's clearly a good electro-rock/indie-style number that isn't afraid of a little innovation or doing things its own way, and that, naturally is commendable. But while there are impressive aspects the song doesn't really resonate on much more of an engaging level. So therefore it's another track that's reasonably good. But that's just my opinion...

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Catch them live:

Aug 08 Smukfest, Skanderborg, Denmark
Aug 16 Dockville Festival (august 16 - august 18), Hamburg, Germany
Aug 22 Wonderfestiwall (august 22 - august 24), Ronne, Denmark
Oct 10 Pitstop, Kolding, Denmark
Oct 11 Voxhall, Aarhus, Denmark
Oct 12 Studenterhuset, Aalborg, Denmark
Oct 17 Posten, Odense C, Denmark
Oct 18 Vega, Copenhagen, Denmark
Oct 19 Forbrændingen, Albertslund, Denmark
Oct 25 Lido, Berlin, Germany
Oct 26 XoXo Club @ Täubchenthal, Leipzig, Germany
Oct 27 Kranhalle @ Feierwerk, Munich, Germany
Oct 28 Keller Club, Stuttgart, Germany
Nov 01 Gimle, Roskilde, Denmark

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