Saturday, 3 August 2013

Shake The Baron - Ghost Hits

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With a powerful video that seems to be the metaphor for a couple's bitter argument and subsequent making up, the visuals for Shake The Baron's new single are sure hard-hitting (no pun intended). A video of that style does seem to detract from the song somewhat, relegating it to second place. So for optimum listening experience we'd recommend checking out the audio only stream too, as this follow-up to their splendid recent single 'Trunk' is cleaner, bigger and (whether this is a good thing or not, you be the judge) more professional sounding than before.

The title-track from their recent second album, 'Ghost Hits' contains elements of math-rock in the way that the guitars, bass and drums seem to intertwine to create a cohesive whole. The fitting together of the pieces of this musical jigsaw probably weren't as effortless as they make it sound, and it's almost a shame that such detail will go unnoticed by many. But then that's the nature of music; the most important aspect is whether it sounds good, not how it was made or who it was made by. That said, fans of well made videos, carefully considered songcraft and also plain old good tunes will find all enjoyment in this one.

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