Saturday, 3 August 2013

Jesse Woods - Lazerburn

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Texan singer-songwriter Jesse Woods is inspired by classic songwriters such as Bob Dylan and Harry Nillson. Yep, him and every other bloke who's ever picked up an acoustic guitar, and we should know because our inbox is flooded with them daily. As rule the results are dire and requests for a review politely declined on the principle that we always try and find the positives in the music we write about, so when there aren't any then we're a bit stuffed.

Jesse Woods isn't like the rest though, at least in quality terms. New single 'Lazerburn' is a quite wonderful track with an vastness to it that makes you think of the feted Laurel Canyon scene and even (dare we mention them yet again) Fleet Foxes. The arrangements here are outstanding, really wringing every drop of goodness out of what is already a fine song. Woods' voice is equally charming, possessing a warmth and a clarity that remain even with the echoey production. On the strength of this, fans of alt-country, American and so on should definitely be grabbing a copy of his album 'Get Your Burdens Lifted' when it arrives next week.

Jesse Woods' website

'Get Your Burdens Lifted' will be available from August 6th on iTunes

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