Friday, 2 August 2013

We Were Frontiers - Giveth Taketh Away

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Summer can we a wonderful time to be in a band, particularly if you're currently on an upward trajectory. Increasing fanbases, festival appearances and new material can make it seem like the world is your oyster. It's quite possible that this is the case with Leeds group We Were Frontiers. Memories of last summer must be on their minds, as they won an appearance at the Reading and Leeds festivals after only three previous gigs. This was followed by a debut single at the end of last year and now they're ready to drop their first EP, 'Giveth Taketh Away', this coming week.

"And isn't it the most glorious of days" they repeat of the rollicking alt-rock of 'Glorious Days', one of four tracks on this EP that takes influence from indie, bluegrass, folk and rock, adding a nice diversity to their tunes. The Gallic intro to 'Madness Of July' gives way to a country and western stomp that's full of vibrancy and joy. They're clearly having fun being in a band and knowing that they have the ability to make good tunes that people will enjoy. For the EP's lead track 'Night Terrors' they've decided to plump for something with a darker edge to it. It's a very good song and full of force but perhaps gives a false impression of what the band are about. That said, the chorus sees them step it up a gear. They lead us out of the EP with the moody desert rock desolation of 'Devil's Type' and the promise of a bright future ahead of them.

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