Thursday 1 August 2013

Wake Island - Use It As A Weapon

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Releasing outtakes and tracks that didn't make the final cut of your album can be risky and sometimes seen as exploiting dedicated fans. It's these people who will faithfully purchase these second class songs to make sure they have the complete collection. Unless these are recordings by a legendary artist from the past that have only recently seen the light of day such material is best left where it was in the first place: on the cutting room floor. Montreal band Wake Island have taken a different approach and one that seems far less like exploitation or milking the cash cow for all its worth.

Their album 'It Takes Time To Become Uncomfortable' was released back in February, and this coming week they release an EP which contains such material (titled 'Uncomfortable B-sides') but are doing so as part of their latest single from the main album, therefore giving the fans this until now scarce material at a reasonable price whilst promoting a single in the same way any other band would. So kudos to them. For what it's worth, 'Use It As A Weapon' is a fine alt-rock track that lays on the atmospherics right from the start and shows a good attention to detail without going overboard. It's modern, fresh, enjoyable, and it's not a rip-off.

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