Friday, 9 August 2013

These Animals - Hunting Horn

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Still the harmonies come pouring across the Atlantic, and Brooklyn's These Animals do harmonies very well. After forming in 2010, the four guys have attempted to mix all they feel is good about popular music into their own sound. This includes dreampop, rock 'n' roll, pop and music to get your feet moving to. The results of their endevours are now available on recently released debut album 'Pages', but it's the single 'Hunting Horn' that's been pushed as a promotional tool for the album.

Whether it's an accurate summary of their music will depend on the rest of the album, but they're succeeded in at least part of their quest here. 'Hunting Horn' isn't really anything new, this is an indie-rock song with strong pop leanings, and yes, it is a little dreamy around the edges. As for danceability, well you're unlikely to have much luck with this particular tune, but what These Animals have proved here is that they can pen a good song, so the other tracks on the album could make for an interesting listen.

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