Friday, 9 August 2013

Kam Kama - Passer By

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Indiana's Kam Kama describe themselves as a post-punk band (as do millions of others), but in this instance they're talking almost literally. Everything about the trio seems to replicate those inventive sounds of the late '70s and early '80s. A quick glance at some photos shows them darkly dressed in fitting attire, and musically these songs could have been buried in a time capsule from 1983 to be dug up three decades later. B-side 'Joseph Stride' has a rumbling bassline with icy shards of occasional guitar balancing the light and shade. The vocals are sung in a very matter of fact way, no showing off, no needless extravagance about the whole shebang.

It's the A-side that stands tallest though. Initially the production sounds muddy, just like it did on some of those indie 45s from long ago, but this is by design. As soon as the lyrics hit a whole new clarity appears, and the guitar enhances this further. The drums are borrowed from early tracks by The Cure, in fact to a degree the whole thing is borrowed, but knowingly so. And if you're going to attempt to recreate a sound of a scene from the past then you need to do it right or you'll look like a fool. Kam Kama have proved here that they're no fools.

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