Friday, 9 August 2013

Old Time Machine - All The While

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It's been all about creepy videos this year. Included here? A strange figure of a boy's head with candles melting on to it, a woman with a giant fly's head, strange dolls and strange rituals, primitive, almost neolithic clothing, animal bones, a game of chess, curious drinks, lots of jewelry... y'know, that kind of stuff. Once again we can only wonder at what it all means, if it means anything at all. It's interesting to watch but quite what it says about the mind of the director is one for the psychiatrists.

This new single from Yukon duo Old Time Machine isn't quite so puzzling and obtuse. 'All The While' is a modern alt-country track, one that takes modern beats and adds them to the various stringed instruments (is that a banjo? Is that a mandolin?) and the repetitive stylings of the song, something which, instead of becoming boring actually adds a hypnotic charm to the track. There's passion here in some form or other, you can sense that from the vocals. It's an alluring mixture of past and present done very well.

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