Monday, 12 August 2013

Then Comes Silence - Spirits Flow

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It's difficult to tell if the video for this song was pieced together from sections of old movies to make a mysterious, new, chopped-up film, or whether it's entirely new and just made to look that way. If we had to guess we'd go for the latter. Sweden's Then Comes Silence will be following up their self-titled debut album with the sensibly named 'Then Comes Silence II' before too long, and 'Spirits Flow' is the first new material they've unveiled. It doesn't disappoint.

Sticking to their shoegazey, scuzz-rock format, this single could be a contender for their best song so far. It does nothing we haven't heard done before, but a good song is a good song regardless. Here the insistent beat and layers of guitar are joined by a softened vocal which adds an air of mystique (something that's enhanced by the video) and it's not the kind of song that requires repeat plays. Sure, it sounds better once you're accustomed to it, but it's an instant hitter too, I guess that's yet another album to add to our list of records to look forward to.

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