Monday, 12 August 2013

KOORTWAH - Occult It

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After impressing us (an his notable collaborators) with his 'Wilderness' EP earlier this year, Jake Courtois has completed four tracks that will go on to make up his debut album as KOORTWAH. It would take a serious disaster for this record not to live up to the promise he's shown so far. Unveiled to the public last week was his slightly disturbing new video for the song 'Forty Five', a typically fresh sounding hybrid of dark electro and rock done in his own way with some startling imagery and smart lyrics. That you can see below, but he's also allowed us all a sneak preview of the other songs too.

With something of an epic, pulsating feel, 'Phantom Limb' continues this same atmosphere, but although it's mysterious and hardly the sound of sunshine and love, it's far from gloomy, and this track in particular stands out for having a surprisingly uplifting chorus that could mark it out as a future single. It would be deserving of such stature. The songs here are different; they're clearly distinguishable from each other, yet they fit together perfectly and share the same atmosphere. this is evident on the excellent 'Coat Hanger' which strips things down just a touch but lessens the quality not one bit. The spooky 'Occult It' is the last preview and it's perhaps the least accessible here, instead focusing on whipping up a grand atmosphere. It's all looking rather rosy.

Check out the rest of the tracks on KOORTWAH' Facebook page

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