Monday, 12 August 2013

Capsula - Blind

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What we really need it someone stationed in South America to scout out all the great bands that are hiding down there. Well, they're not hiding, they're just a long way from our current radar, and seemingly that of the big UK music publications too (but you could say that about anywhere outside of London in some cases). Capsula are from Argentina where they're comparatively big news and have been in existence since 1997. At the end of this month they'll be releasing their latest album 'Solar Secrets', and ahead of it, single 'Blind'.

Giving a tranquil forest a blast of dirty rock n' roll in the video, you could draw comparisons between these guys and bands like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club; it's the same fuzzed-out, to the point, gritty alt-rock sound that seems to be effortlessly cool and natural, so much so that if this had been by some new band in England then NME would be creaming themselves over them at the moment. There will be UK fans of course, but we're proud to be doing our bit and flying the flag for them.

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Catch them live:

Aug 16 Sonorama, Aranda De Duero, Spain
Aug 17 V DE VALARES, Ponteceso, Spain
Aug 23 Montesquiou on the Rock's, Montesquiou, France
Aug 24 Kafe Antzokia, Bilbao, Spain
Sep 06 FESTIVAL Nox Orae, La Tour De Peilz, Switzerland

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