Sunday, 11 August 2013

The Bushwick Hotel - Take Care of My Girl

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If my memory serves me correctly (not always the case...) then Bushwick is in New Jersey, although there's also a Bushwick in Brooklyn, and it's from the latter that The Bushwick Hotel took their name, after the initial recording sessions that took place in main man Gregory Ferreira's recording studio when he was putting together his second solo album. It looks like he was so happy with the band of musicians that he was playing with that he decided to stick with them, and so this project was born.

The album that these sessions resulted in is to be called 'Graffiti Of The Young Man's Mind' and is preceded by single 'Take Care Of My Girl', and if any song deserves to be described as experimental rock it's this. At first the handclaps and gritty riff lead you into believing this is a prime piece of US alt-rock, but then more and more brass joins in, the drumming style changes to something with more of a basis in jazz, guitars screech, and instruments jostle for space. This is a full-on riot of sound with a genuinely unique style.

The album will be available soon from The Bushwick Hotel's website

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