Sunday, 11 August 2013

Sun Machine - Save Your Sorrows

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It all seems to be about the sun today, as any Sunday in August should be (but unfortunately isn't always). We can't tell you a great deal about Sun Machine, besides the fact that he's a British-based solo artist called Tom and is planning to post more new songs on a fairly regular basis, this particular track being his second offering. The lens flare in the cover photo also seems to be a reference to the sun. So what about the music?

Well, as we've said before, when the weather is fine most songs sound better and they can also sound more summery, that's just a trick of the imagination. 'Save Your Sorrows' does have a hint of sunshine to it though, and I think that's objective rather than subjective. This is lazy guitar-pop that's designed for laying back and enjoying. If you're feeling a bit posh then throw in a jug of Pims, a fancy sun lounger and head for the pool. If not, just stick the song on and pretend.

Sun Machine's website

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