Sunday 11 August 2013

Falling Off Maps - Honest

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There is a surprising freshness and lightness of touch to Falling Off Maps' new single 'Honest'. Yes, there is an 'Ok Computer' influence running through the song, but how can that be a bad thing when that album is a modern classic? Stepping away from lazy comparisons, 'Honest' is a quietly powerful song. A strong and dynamic post-rock falsetto sweeps through as 'Honest' gracefully builds. We hear a yearning of "I can be yours", while epically-tinged strings effortlessly add a subtle yet stirring dynamic.

'Honest' has a bleak beauty and charm which houses an emotional intensity that is from restraint rather than overblown cliché. Falling Off Maps show here that they have the strength and class to easily match in stature bands such as Wild Beasts, the Manics and yes that band beginning with 'R'. Let’s see what the album will bring.

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