Sunday, 4 August 2013

Ten Ton Man - Ditty

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Having a quick peruse of Ten Ton Man's Facebook page whilst listening to this song, two things instantly jumped out at me. Firstly, the band are a trio and are all called Paul. A little bit of a coincidence, but then it's hardly an uncommon name. Then there are the list of influences which I'll copy and paste directly here as it'll save me the job of making the exact same comparisons myself when talking about the song: "Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Hank Williams, Jim Morrison." I think you'll now be aware of the sound we're looking at here, the only name we'd add would be Mark Lanegan and maybe Grinderman, although that's kind of taken care of.

'Ditty' could be described as just that, although you will have heard jauntier songs. The vocals you will have already guessed are fairly deep, the music is US alt-rock with a country influence, but you've probably already guessed that too. It just goes to show that a few choice comparisons, although often deemed as being lazy journalism, can put across a sound as well as any other collection of words. What can be added here is that 'Ditty' is a very good song for its genre and the production is bang on. So if you're a fan of the aforementioned artists, then you should add Ten Ton Man to your collection, as they tread a similar path with equally good results.

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