Sunday, 4 August 2013

Kitten Forever - Famous Friends

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If any budding bands out there are looking for help in the economy of song, then Minneapolis band Kitten Forever have it all mapped out for you. Firstly, three members will suffice, guitar, drums, bass, with one instrumentalist taking on the vocals, but feel free to do away with a third instrument if needs be. Intros? Waste of time, just begin the song at the start of the first verse, it saves any messing. Keep the verses and choruses short and the tempo reasonably high. Do away with any kind of solo or other unnecessary adornments, and then finish the song in much the way it was started.

That's the formula used for the punk explosion of 'Famous Friends', the current single from their new album 'Pressure' (not a single song over two-and-a-half minutes) and it suits them. For the record this contagious little number clocks in at just over a minute-and-a-half, but it doesn't need to be any longer. They have a point, they make that point, and then they move on. Hassle and time can also be saved by filming the video in your bedroom with some friends as extras and not really wearing very much. A sterling effort.

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