Sunday, 11 August 2013

Bourgeois Heroes - Fleur de Lys & Me

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It's only recently that we discovered February Records, a micro-label who operate out of New England and were responsible for bringing us the excellent recent single from Finnmark!, so they don't just promote bands from their area, they look further afield to find the best hidden talents and give them a showcase. In this instance it's Bourgeois Heroes, a duo that began back in 2002 on a road trip to Memphis but are now split between Texas and Massachusetts, although this hasn't stoped them producing this delightful psych-pop tune.

You may expect a song called 'Fleur de Lys & Me' to have a continental feel, and there is a hint of that when they break for the psychedelic mid-section. On the whole though, this is a pop song built from keys and a bare-bones beat. Some nice harmonies hit in the chorus and give off a peaceful, lazy vibe that's designed as pure easy listening, just not the cheesy variety that you'd normally associate with that genre. It's a laid-back, sunny, relaxing piece of pop loveliness.

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