Friday, 9 August 2013

Stay Bless feat. Dev Hynes & Samantha Urbani – Faded

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There are probably more people out there that Dev Hynes hasn't worked with than those he has, and with the help of Samantha Urbani they've come together to work on this new Stay Bless single. If the name isn't familiar to you, then cast your eyes over recent single 'Always' where we puzzled over how someone could cite (seriously) that their influences were George Michael and Spiritualized amongst others. It didn't seem to fit and imagining that collaboration is enough to frazzle your brain until the men in white coats come knocking. That said, it was a good tune, and this was largely down to not sounding very much like George Michael at all.

From the same EP is the title-track, 'Faded', presumably made with the same influences (these also included Bruce Hornsby and Fleetwood Mac) and also a couple of helping hands. We have every right to expect this to be better than 'Faded', but sadly it's not. On first listen it sounds uneventful and flat, just swelling enough towards the end to draw a little more interest. Any music fan will know that judging a song on first listen isn't always reliable, and that was the case here. 'Faded' is a slow-burning number; a mix of indie, electro and pop that sounds better the more you hear it. So it looks like those three minds have defied a pretty poor record collection and come up with the goods after all.

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