Friday, 9 August 2013

Perma F - Broken Bonds

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Making their debut on The Sound Of Confusion are Swedish band Perma F. They must be so proud! Seriously though, this may be their debut, but unless it's a fluke then we'll be following this band with eagle eyes. The duo only formed this year and 'Broken Bonds' is already their second single, so they're not messing about. Saint Etienne have made some wonderful singles in the past, and it's possible that I was alone in not being overly fussed about their recent comeback. They didn't have that mixture of credibility and out-and-out pop that made them such a draw in the first place. I guess what it boiled down to were that the songs didn't live up to expectations.

Oh how they must wish they'd written something like 'Broken Bonds'. This is pure pop but it's pop that's not made for preteens and it's pop with class, with melody, with great vocals and with a willful disregard for being cool to the point whereby it actually becomes far cooler than most other bands by going full circle. It's a pristine example of why indiepop can still enchant both the alternative world and your regular punter; it's just a great tune and that's all there is too it. On the flip we get 'raÖ' which drops the mood down to become more introspective and mixes up the languages too. It's not the instant rush of the A-side but it's strangely alluring, as is the remix that completes this release. May they continue to produce more of the same.

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