Sunday, 18 August 2013

Shine 2009 - Eurozone

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So many people's first impression of Finnish duo Shine 2009 (the date being the year they formed) will be that puzzling artwork, as this is their first track since signing to Modular records. Mind you, their previous work got them reasonably well known too, and they deserve to be. The plan for this year is to release a new album which we're told could be their best yet, so we'll find out before too long. First though, they're giving us new single 'Eurozone', a song that brilliantly showcases their talents.

Beginning with an introduction containing chimes and opera singing, you know they're not going to be your average electro-pop duo. Then they drop in a beat and a pretty awesome bassline and suddenly the song becomes full of life. Those opera vocals occasionally reappearing behind the lead and being joined by a melee of synths, guitars and more. 'Eurozone' is nothing if not eclectic, and it's also very good, so perhaps the new album will see these guys making more headway.

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