Sunday, 18 August 2013

Francis Lung - Age Limits

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Following the mysterious demise of enigmatic Manchester band Wu Lyf, there has been talk of various members being involved in various other projects, one of which is Francis Lung, the alias of bassist Tom McClung. 'Age Limits' is the first single he's released and the music contains that same air of mystery that much of Wu Lyf's material did, although this is possibly more accessible. It's also a song of sections, switching from one part to another on more than one occasion.

With a slow and steady start, the lyrics are low-key, as is the instrumentation. It's not long before crisp guitar strums join in and the very steady build begins. Bringing in a bass for something that resembles a chorus, this track starts to come to life a bit more, although it's a little lethargic. The next verse is richer but adds little in terms of velocity, until suddenly beats snap, vocals scream distantly and piano joins in for a big finale that is totally at odds with the rest of the song to the point that it feels like a different track altogether. As expected, it's all very interesting.

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