Sunday, 18 August 2013

Steady Hills - Dark Room

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Dark room indeed. The video to this track shows many sinister sights; dead animals preserved in jars, bones, scientific apparatus, ancient weaponry... it's a stark visual tour. Steady Hills have put this film together with a budget of $0, all done by singer Chad, and you have to admit that what he's come up with fits the song like a glove. 'Dark Room' is taken from the Canadian duo's mini-album 'Alone In The Marquee' which was released last year, in order to promote their upcoming tour, so fans will be familiar with the song.

For those who are new to the band, well this tune can certainly be described as dark, but rather than the literal approach taken by the video, this particular dark room is even more scary: the human mind. A disturbed and forbidding human mind. Musically they take their cue from dark lords of the past; there's a touch of Johnny Cash, a touch of Nick Cave, even a touch of The Walkmen if they had a psychotic episode. This is primal rock n' roll given a modern makeover, and it's both spooky and alluring at once.

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September 18th @ Plan B   Moncton NB
September 19th @ Bar Spectacle l'Escogriffe  Montreal
September 20th @ Racho Relaxo Toronto
September 23rd @ The Casbah  Hamilton ON
September 25th @ The Spill  Peterborough
September 27th @ The Black Sheep Inn  Wakefield Quebec

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