Monday, 12 August 2013

PREMIERE: Aunt Dracula - Timecoat

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The mastermind behind Aunt Dracula is Philadelphia resident Scott Daly with a fluctuating group of friends and musicians. After initially working on a debut album 'Face Peel' in 2009, the project was put on the back-burner due to college commitments, but this could have been a blessing in disguise. Now having more time to focus on music and build up connections, Aunt Dracula have managed to enlist some notable musicians such as members of Japanese Gum, Swirlies, Excepter and Abe Vigoda and now have remix album 'Peel Face' in the works as well as working on a new album and EP themselves.

We've been lucky enough to bring you the first glimpse of the video to 'Timecoat', a trippy affair that uses distortion and colour to created a drunken yet kaleidoscopic viewing experience. This is a perfect match for the song, the first minute or so of which sounds a bit like being drunk: it's warped, woozy and seems as though it's in slow motion, a little like the tape is melting as it plays. This psych approach stays but progresses as the song goes on, with more guitars and biting vocals added to the mid-section, as if the drunkenness isn't woozy pleasure anymore, it's confusion and maybe even anger, with ever more bile being spat. Eventually this mophs back into hazy psych-rock again and leaves you feeling as though you've been on quite a journey, maybe even one that's matched the development of the tune itself. It's a tantalising introduction to an interesting project.

AUNT DRACULA - Timecoat from TACHYONS+ on Vimeo.

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