Monday, 12 August 2013

Band To Check Out: Get Inuit

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There's nothing like a photo of a dog's arse to get you excited about the potential of a new band, so you're probably dying to know all about Get Inuit. Well the vital statistics are as follows: a male quartet from Kent playing punky guitar-pop who say they make "dirty, surf inspired pop music". By way of an introduction they've uploaded a brace of songs to the net for our listening pleasure, and have already picked up a record of the week spot on their local BBC station's new music show. So it all seems to be going swimmingly (we assume they can swim anyway, they admit they can't actually surf though...).

Is their description accurate? Well, in some respects it it. This kind of punky indie is a bit rough and ragged and you could describe its scruffy nature as being "dirty", but the surf influence is a little harder to spot, particularly if you're talking traditional surf music. However, if you draw comparisons to the recent wave of guitar bands making summery, surfy, lo-fi rock music then the description fits. It should be said that for first offerings, both 'My Oh My' and 'Cutie Pie, I'm Bloated' are both pretty high calibre, with 'My Oh My' perhaps just edging it, but there's little to choose between them and a great deal of promise is being shown here.

Get Inuit's website

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