Friday, 16 August 2013

Landing - II

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I have to admit that despite this cassette EP being released to mark 15 years of Landing's existence, they're a band I know little about, and quite why they've chosen such a misleading title is also a puzzle. However, lending an ear to the five songs on offer here I can't help but feel I may have missed out on some very good music. If you had to describe the band's sound you could compare them to perhaps Stereolab, School Of Seven Bells and Broadcast. They have a penchant for experimenting and also for getting a little psychedelic at times and embracing the sounds of modern shoegaze.

As EPs go, this is particularly strong, and not in need of a "lead-track" as any could be used for such a purpose. The jumpy beats and drones of 'Two Veils' are particularly good, as is the dreamier 'Gathering'. The pace drops for 'Tending and Time' and this gives natural diversity without breaking the flow of the EP. The vocals are particularly lovely. They take the comedown even further on 'Cyst', an impressive ambient piece with distant vocals peering through the fog. 'II' doesn't gradually fade out of sight though. The seven-minute 'Sphere II' ensures that with its bubbling build-up and low rumble to complete an very fine EP. Here's to another fifteen years!

'II' will be available next week from Landing's website

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