Sunday, 18 August 2013

L.A. Salami - Another Shade of Blue

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Another fine single from L.A. Salami, a man whose work we've featured a couple of times in the past few months. Since releasing his debut single last year, the hype has steadily built, and given the man's natural talent, easy to listen to voice and knack of writing a decent tune, it could go even further. We have no news of an album yet, but with three very good singles already in the can he's surely getting towards that point. He's already provided the soundtrack for a French film, so the music is clearly flowing fairly easily, and this latest single sounds effortless.

There's a fine line between writing a good song that's little more than a bloke with an acoustic guitar and turning into Jack Johnson, and thankfully Mr. Salami is far more interesting than Jack Johnson, so perhaps he can restore some credibility to a genre of music that's slowly being destroyed by marketing men. The lazy sounding 'Another Shade Of Blue' is the correct variety of chilled-out songcraft and is free from the cliches that others fall foul of. We're eagerly awaiting what else this guy can come up with.

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Aug 22 WatchThisSpace, London, UK
Aug 24 The Silver Bullet, London, UK
Sep 14 House, Redhill, UK

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